On-Line Curbside Pick-Up Service available only at Ideal Market, 2449 Bedford Street, Geistown.
Not yet at other Ideal locations. Home Delivery is NOT offered.


Ideal Order Groceries On-Line, Pick-up at Store Service

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Answer to Your Questions Ribbon

Yes, indeed. Each week at Ideal we advertise special sale discounts on various items. You may order those products on-line and save the same as if you were buying in-store.

Sale items are available while supplies last with no rain checks. There may be limits on certain items, and the weekly special discounts are offered only through the end of the advertised sale period, just as in-store.

Please report any errors in your order by telephoning the On-Line Pick-Up Order Manager at our Geistown Ideal Market as soon as possible after pick-up. The store phone number is on your confirmation receipt.

Please provide your name and order number, and we will make things right. We are working hard to make Ideal’s On-Line Curbside Pick-Up Service the very best. We appreciate your business!

Thanks for shopping Ideal!

Before submitting your order, please check your cart to make sure you have everything you need. Unfortunately, once you submit your order, you cannot make changes.

You may cancel an order up until 6 PM the day before your pick-up appointment.

You can shop and place your On-Line order anytime 24/7, whenever it’s convenient for you. Browse our various departments, meats, fresh produce, frozen, bakery, dairy, deli, etc. Use our search function or a favorites history that our Rosie app generates for you, based on what you’ve bought in the past.

You can tell us if you want a substitution if we’re out of something, or you may add a note to an item, and we’ll follow any special instructions you may have. You also select the time you will come to pick-up your order.

When you’ve finished making all your selections, submit your order and wait for the confirmation screen. You’ll now be receiving two e-mails. First is an immediate confirmation recapping all your order details, with an estimated cost, and a six-digit confirmation number. A temporary hold will be placed on your credit or debit card for the estimated cost of your order.

Next our personal shoppers go to work. They carefully hand-select each item you chose. We then bag and label your order and hold for your pick-up appointment. Of course, we keep any frozen or refrigerated items in temp-controlled storage.

Now you will receive a second e-mail, a complete summary of your order from your personal shopper, with a list of any items that may have been out of stock, any substitutions that were made, and your final cost. This total may be corrected or adjusted from the first notice you received. Not to worry. Your credit or debit card will be charged only after your order is actually filled.

Easy! Now all that remains is to come for your scheduled pick-up.

At our Geistown Ideal Market, we have several parking spaces in our lot reserved just for our Curbside Pick-Up customers. Please plan to arrive during your half-hour pick-up window.
Look for the Ideal Curbside Pick-Up sign. Simply pull into a spot and call the number on the sign to let us know you’ re here. We’ll ask for your name and your order confirmation number. One of our team members will then collect your packaged order from our various temp-controlled storage areas and bring everything out to you.
Please pop your trunk. We’ll load your groceries right into the car for you. And, please, no tipping. However, a wave and a smile are always welcome.

Beside each item you order is a checkbox to tell us if you want a substitution in case we would be out of something. There is also a space for you to enter any special instructions, such as perhaps number or color of bananas, for example “two yellow and two green bananas.” 

Ideal Curbside Pick-Up Service is offered FREE, but the service is available only for orders over $30.

At this time, Ideal Curbside Pick-Up Service does not include delivery to your home or apartment.

Ideal On-Line Curbside Pick-Up Service is now only available at the Ideal Market on Bedford Street at the Geistown Cloverleaf in Johnstown. Other Ideal Markets are preparing to offer this service in the future.

Ideal Curbside Pick-Up appointments are offered Monday through Saturday, in half hour blocks from 10 AM to 6 PM. When you place your order, our Rosie system will display a list of all available pick-up times and ask you to select a day and time that will suit your schedule.

Please plan to arrive at your Ideal Market during your half-hour pick-up window.

Rosie is supported on Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. For the best online shopping experience we recommend customers use Google Chrome.

In addition to web, Rosie has smartphone apps available for both iOS and Android.